This website will shutdown on Oktober 2017. This extension is not actively developed anymore. It never gained popularity so almost nobody will miss it, though.

From the creator of Better Battlelog, Greaterfield is a browser extension that give you more power to your battlefield companion and the battlefield forums. With seamless integration in mind we have created a smooth and great addition for you, with cool new features like: Public emblem gallery, teamspeak viewer integration, community themes and plugins, and many more.

Google Chrome v0.9.2 Firefox - Waiting for Mozilla Validation
With seamless integration in mind we've created a smooth and exciting experience for all advanced companion and forums user. We help you out with outstanding features like public emblem gallery and much more.
The public emblem gallery give you an awesome collection of user-made emblems. All with just one click. No need for complicated code copy. Also, and for sure, you can share all your own emblem creations with the public emblem gallery. Extra: Import BF4 emblems also with one click..
Often suggested for Better Battlelog - Teamspeak viewer integration. We heard you and now it is possible to use any teamspeak for the teamspeak viewer, just add as many as you want.
We've learned that the community can do so many great stuff, if the have the possibility to do so. With plugin and themes support deeply integrated into the extension we give the community, this means you, the tools that you need for creating even greater features.